Hello Clearfork Market Shoppers, 

We are wishing you and your family stay safe during these times. 

As the world responds to COVID-19, we’re continuing to adapt to new challenges facing our supply and services. We want to be transparent about recent changes and share the steps we’re taking to respond, so you can continue to rely on us to bring you the best foods that we have to offer. We’re committed to providing a safe service.


Cleaning and Employees

We want to assure you and your family that we have enhanced our already strict cleaning regimens as an extra precaution. We have asked the team members that feel uncomfortable during these times to stay home as having a strong mindset throughout this process is also important to us. We continue to wipe down and sanitize our manufacturing/packaging area with 99% sanitizing alcohol before and after every prep. All team members are required to wear gloves when working with customers and products.


Store Hours and Operations

We feel we are an essential business aiding in the well-being of our customers. We hope after all these years of high-quality products and health resources that you are doing well during this time. We will remain open to keep serving you to aid in the strength of our community's immune system.

Our current store hours:

Monday-Friday : 9am-6pm

Saturday : 9am-2pm

Sunday : Closed


Products and deliveries

As you may expect, we’re experiencing slight delays in our supply and delivery services. Our team is working hard to ensure we’re able to provide your products to you need as quickly as possible.

We also have no control over the issues that may occur with the postal services we use (USPS and ups). So please be patient with us if there is an issue. We’ll continue to do our best to bring you our speedy service while also prioritizing your health and safety.


Most Importantly

Thank you for supporting a small business like ours and as much as our customers have expressed that we are essential to all of you and your health need. We would just like to say how grateful we are to be able to serve you especially in a time like this and how essential you all are to our business. We feel it's even more important than ever to stick together through energy and have a very positive, open, mindset. There is no need to panic or be worried about the uncertainties this is bringing. Stressing more will cause a rise in cortisol levels and deplete necessary, essential, minerals in the body. Being in the present moment with our well-being and our families is ESSENTIAL. Being respectful and following the guidelines of social distancing and being at home is important. And remember that Darkness can not survive in the light. 


Stay Safe & Healthy,
Best Wishes, 

Mark & Andrew Tackett