Welcome Clearfork Community to our new website and first blog post! Through the week we will use this as a platform to dive a little bit deeper into the information of a product or service that we offer than you would find on our Instagram or Facebook! So please join us here! We have so many new exciting offerings in the works to share with you! 

For our opening Blog we want to highlight our Produce Boxes! Why we create them, what you get and a couple of ideas of what to do with your produce box once you get home with an assortment of veggies that maybe you've never tried before! You can expect a weekly update on our produce boxes here! 

So we want to start off explaining why these produce boxes are so great and how your participation helps us love the earth and cherish it's bounty more while we create less waste! 

When you shop at most grocers, and see everything lined up in rows and stacks looking so 'perfect' in their arrangement, you should also be aware that there is a lot of 'ugly produce' that gets thrown away... like actually in the garbage bin... not composted! Simply due to little blemishes or imperfections on a completely perfect fruit! This practice makes produce prices go up for the average family. As an all organic market we praise these little 'imperfections' and are happy to sell you a carrot joined at the top with two little legs, or a fruit with a barely noticeable imperfection at a discounted rate, because why not! They taste the same and we love them all the way they were created. 

Basically, we want the produce to be available to you in it's raw form at a price that is reasonable and can feed your family while not costing you more than you should pay. 

As we are closed on Sunday, and we get fresh produce in every Monday, you help us to bridge the gap of our off day when the veggies are sitting around when they could be used in your next meal! 

the deal: 

You can expect $30 worth of a mixture of organic and local when available produce for only $10. We also have an option to choose between all fruit or all vegetable for $10 and a double box which would be a mixture of both fruit and veggie for $20 with this option you can expect to get some meal prepping done for the week and we will provide recipe ideas for you to play with as well. 

This weeks box Saturday the 25th August 2018 



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